Monday, 16 June 2008

It's Your Life Anyway

People talks, their shout, loud like sound of thunder from first storm of the year
(But) What makes it complete, that finally you're realize this life; your life is an arsehole! Indeed..
Don't interupt, hold your Ego to penetrate coz now is my Id's turn to feeling the process..
when my Id is working , then my Ego make it move to be one of actualization..

I might not further wondering, while this life is totally arsehole from the very beginning!
The Superego way to voracious to hold me stand at the back of the door,
Door with five different appendage locks that i'm not barely knowing to release free & to unlocked,
To know and embraces my deserving...

Shit all this Supraempirics matter, coz i'll lose in the end anyhow!

My duty is only one,only to learn how to deserve entirely, how to take it all the way,
non-bargaining term, yes i could not..
It's an evil, that Superego would be so very much an evil if they forbid me even; only to wondering, dreaming as if Ego will be like waht's in ma mind, me Id..

Your life, mine as well is an arseholes!
Learn to release what you really wants, no r is wiser than dat!
I want to be the force of the night, though some part of people hates my dark,
But others are really amuse me for honest, loves how me arrange the view,
Admire me to create the silence..
Otherwise, people who hated ma force would be ended in miserables night of dreaming..
Coz The Night that they use is mine..

They hate me,
I hates no one, coz i still have friends among the haters;
Yes, Life is Arseholes!
But it's your life anyway...

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