Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Cinta, Buah Tangan Illahi Robbi..

Sudah sekian jumlah cerita dan tulisan yang pernah kubuat, dan belum pernah satu kali pun aku mengambil makna cinta sebagai tema. (karena) terlampau sering rasa cinta dapat aku, dan kita semua rasakan , tapi masih sangat sedikit sekali lisan kita mengungkapkannya.

Sebagian bersaksi bahwa “cinta itu berjuta rasanya”, atau bahkan “cinta itu buta”. Tapi, untukku, cukup satu cinta itu ber-arti. Dia itu terasa indah; buah tangan Illahi Robbi yang dititipkan-Nya untukku. Sebagai wasilah, dan ladang hikmah di dunia, hingga kelak di yaummul hisab.

Semoga tulisan yang satu ini, mendapat tempat dan makna, di hati “Para Pecinta”. Amin.

Didalam Cinta, ada kedamaian…
Didalam Kedamaian, ada Hidup…
Didalam Hidupku, ada Rena, Istriku… Dan
Didalam Istriku, terdapat Cinta… Berlimpah jumlahnya

Sebuah lingkaran, yang akan kupelihara sebagai keabadian
Sebuah siklus kesempurnaan, yang akan selalu aku jaga, walaupun seribu godaan setan mengganggu

Illahi Robbi mengirimmu dari tulang sulbi-ku
Hingga bagaimana mungkin aku akan menyakitimu, baik dalam kata dan perbuatan
Karena, Cintaku, sakitnya hatimu adalah perihnya luka didalam tubuhku

Pernah satu waktu aku dengar orang berucap, besarnya rasa Cinta akan terasa setelah seseorang itu telah pergi, dan tiada untuk selama-lamanya

(tapi) bagiku, itu cuma omong kosong para pecinta yang menyesal
Betapa besar rasa sesal dalam dirinya; karena rasa Cinta yang tak cukup mereka sampaikan dalam lisan dan perbuatan, sepanjang Cinta-nya itu masih berada disisi

Bagiku, duhai Sulbi-ku, rasa Cintaku yang didasari hanya karena Alloh Ta’alla ini, terbukti, dan akan aku implementasikan semenjak akad jatuh kemarin hari,
hingga ajal satu diantara kita akan datang pada hari kemudian. Karena…

Didalam Cinta-ku, ada kedamaian-mu…
Didalam Kedamaian-mu, ada Hidup-ku…
Didalam Hidupku, ada Dirimu… Dan
Didalam Dirimu, terdapat Cintaku…
Makin berlimpah-limpah jumlahnya, selama-lamanya… Amin

Ranggon, 17 Oktober 2010. Haris

Sunday, 10 October 2010

it's been a while.. here i am :)

(where will i start? *sigh*)

anyway,how are we now, lads? hopefully we're all just doing fine.. alhamdulillah :) right then!

it's been a while since my recent blog-post, either i'm eagerly missed to fill this blank-entry; or i do felt horriblely dull, or lazy, yeah i might to say it. it is sure, so fun to write something though, an enchanted feeling dat you could make a note of something, of what you've been through. only sometimes (it happens many time in my case actually) i or we feeling dull even just to start a single type. are we too busy? or we might as well in conditions to choose which one to do after all the routines have kills us everyday.. to spent more time facing our laptop again, type our story, or laying down on our favs chair with tv shows till we falling into sleep, or else other to closing down our today life episode.

"i'm so tired enuff, so just gimme a break.." we often grunting to ourself.

somehow, this feeling.. feeling to share my story, your story, our experience, and our life will always be there. even so, most of the blogs were made are only for personal consumes. instead of feel ashamed, i more to accept this as a normal thing. coz as far as i know, diaries were made only for them who wrote it; could be for themself,or to people are very close to them. blog could be like that too, rite? totally a personal consumes.

the difference between blog and diary is only the matter of it's placement. blog gives opportunity to be accesed by many people, but it doesn't happen on the otherone's.

in blog world, first we involved in some of situation, one of a story, and we think about it, and then we type it down as our blog post; and we are as well as the one who will read it all over again. (ahahaa..) i don't mind at all :)

cos it will keep reminds me of something what was i've been thru, same as our diary book. besides, what can we brought in our life unless some stories and experiences in our past? this natural feeling, to share,, needs to be done. and blog gives us this.

i know i'm not faithfully blogging or writing an entry-post. but i do love it when i do it! i know many of us feel it the same way too. but how weird we not doing much enough of that what we love? to write something. is it bcos we don't have much enough followers on our blog? we rare receiving comments?

to be honest, it's felt so great when my blog-post are red by somebody neither i know or not knowing 'em. they give comments, some are praise, others are arguing on it's contents. i feel that i am exist (from the comments on posted item). i feel that what i have done are worth, not a waste. but as i was said previously, i don't really mind at all if it's not ;) hehe..

Getting Old

not for long time a go, i added another year in my life. my 26th birthday come in early october. instead of celebrating the day as i always do in previous years,i more to contemplate. i'm thinking more than ever now. several things happen to me this year. a really big thing.

my wedding held on mid-march, this very year. not really a big party; but big enough to stated me as a new person afterwards. it change everything; my status, my responsibilty, dedication, it's totally change my life.

i feel my life now has really more meaningful. i married to a wonderful woman, a very beautiful person both in inside and out. i am feel so really grateful, we are meant for eachother. i'm not trying to teasing my wife or else, really! i say it, what i feel. we are really made to become as one.

Rena is my wife, she's the most simple person i ever known. she works in a local hospital, as a midwifery; helping mothers during their pregnancy, until by the time their babies are coming to born in this world. i feel so proud for what she choose, to be a midwifery. we talks about everything, we telling each of our story in a day during our supper; things that makes me always missed home everyday. and we love to laugh, nothing we can't laugh about..hehe

i feel we are not a very perfect couple, but i do love it so. i get great things happens from this imperfectness. we often arguing on many things, from the simple thing and even to a bigger matter. incredeblely, it's become a path for us to get loving even more eachother. it's like putting puzzles into places to be a complete image of our marriage life. we are get knowing more eachother, eachday. that's all what matter.

it less than a year after we met, before i propose her and we getting married. things were happend so fast i ever could imagine. many of relatives and friends were supprised when we announced the wedding date. they said we are not long enough to knowing eachother, but we're ignore the response, and we carry on. which the right thing to do.

i've once loved and dated to someone for years, but things are not going as we planned. we really can't confront our fate, a really big lesson for everyones life. i always believe good thing will be replace to a better things in other form, and i do also wishing for goodness for her, now and then. this gives me an acknowledgement how time are really a relative issue. we can't guarantee based upon period of time we spent, but all what really matter is direction and decission we make.

as the time moving on, experience encourage me to run this life naturally.
i try not to making a certain target to be done, doesn't mean i set a disorientation way of life. i more to pick the living methods that things should be accomplished, one leads to another. i want to sail it with happiness feeling, any of obstacles that we face should not become a burden who will vanished all the excitements. as long as we could manage small thing, then it will lead me to a bigger ones. as long as we happy to do it.

i move to a new place, living with my wife on the smaller town where she's natively coming from, a satelite city of Jakarta; Karawang. i leave all the hecticity of an urban life. i get my new job here, not too fancy but well enough to make me happy. i adaptate, and i settled in. life become more simplier, instead of flatten; but i do settleling in so well. all is new and exciting.

we never postponed for our baby coming, but we also never to force it coming in a rush. we run this life naturally, remember?. we sure and do hope so this little love one will come very soon, everything will be wonderful by the time that happen.

all of us know, that we never know what will exactly happen in our life up to come. lets face it, and make it right.